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        I am very pleased to do something for old man

                  On Jan.15th, the general manager of Zhang Xiangrong of Fujian Goldeer group in the busy time and don’t forget to care the villagers lives of Honglai town, he sent the N.L.B products of 250 units more than 50 thousan...


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        Goldeer group celebrating the funny games of New Year’s Day

                Farewell to the old year and welcome in a new year, in order to meet the arrival of New Year’s Day in 2016, and enriching the amateur culture life of the employees. Goldeer group held the funny games with warm accompa...


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        Goldeer group held annual meeting and deduced the passion sh...

        On Dec 22th, Goldeer annual meeting staged a passion show “Red Carpet”,More than 200 large dealers and group employees have a good time, this creative form of annual meeting has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of distributors and employees. ...


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